We are now open Thursdays through Sundays from 11am to 4pm. We are still offering pick-up and delivery in San Mateo County EVERYDAY! However, some items are only available on days we are open & delivery options may be limited  on the days we are open. We'll confirm delivery or pick-up information with you via email.  
Email me info@LovejoysTeaRoom-RedwoodCity.com with questions or to place a special order.
Thank you for your support!!
For a limited time, we have special lemon ginger scones available in addition to our classic currant.
Tea Selections
Black Teas
Tea Room Blend
Yorkshire Gold (also available in teabags- 40 count)
English Breakfast
Single Estate Ceylon
Afternoon Darjeeling
Lapsang Souchong
Decaf Black Teas
Decaf Earl Grey
Decaf Ceylon
Decaf Apricot
Decaf Mango
Decaf Lady Grey
Decaf Chocolate Truffle
Black Flavored Teas
Earl Grey
Black Currant
Passion Fruit
Spiced Citrus
China Rose Petal
Black Vanilla with Lavender
Royal Blend
Black Vanilla
Lady Grey
Peppermint Patty
Chocolate Chip
Mocha Mate
Green/White Teas
Ginseng Green
Genmai Cha
Pomegranate Green
White Peach
White Blueberry
Pouchong Oolong
Tisanes (Herbal)
Forest Berries/Rosehips
Blood Orange
Vanilla Rooibos
Wild Strawberry
Peppermint Lavender
Lemon Rooibos
Wild Berry Honeybush

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